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The project

I invite you to find out who we are, how the mowom project came about and how it has managed to get to you. 

Hi, I'm Raquel

In 2020 I decided to re-enter the paid labour market. I had quit my job as an engineer to finish my studies in environmental management and, also, during that time I became a mother. I then realised that I needed to somehow justify that gap of more than two years in my CV, largely dedicated to raising my child. But I didn't want to hide it. For me, all that time had added value. So I decided to create mowom, with the idea of showing it on my CV and providing a tool for other women to include it on theirs as well.

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I am a Spanish industrial engineer living in Germany. I worked for many years in the automotive industry, but I quit because it made me immensely unhappy. I wanted to finish my studies in environmental management and change to another sector. Soon after I became a mother, and I realised for the first time how important and necessary the work that women do in raising children, especially at a very young age, is. When I decided to look for a job and return to paid work, I decided not to "camouflage" all that time.


I searched the internet for ideas and options and found the website The Pregnancy Pasuse. I thought it was a fantastic idea, although its claim was very much contextualised in the USA. So with the help of my sister, who designed the website and all its graphics, I decided to create mowom myself and incorporate it in my CV as if it were my current workplace.

This is how I applied for the selection processes:
with my Mother's position at  mowom.


In my case, in addition to being a woman and a mother, I was changing sector, so it wasn't going to be easy. And then there was the problem of finding job offers in line with my training and my interests with a reduced or flexible working day. But what I did realise was that in all the selection processes in which I was involved, they noticed that I included this information.


The project remained on stand-by, having the feeling of being alone... Until other women in a similar situation found it. That was the impulse to take  mowom seriously and to continue making it known, now with more energy.

The team

This project could not go ahead without the support and encouragement of other women who, aware of the importance and the work of mowom, help me from their professional fields to improve and elevate the message so that it reaches more powerfully.


We also want mowom to be the place where you can find the professionals who can help you at this stage.


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