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How motherhood enhances your personal skills and boosts your professionalism - Part II

In the previous article, we began discussing personal skills that develop and improve during motherhood and child-rearing. Today, we'll talk about another five skills that we consider equally fundamental. 

Just like we did in the first article, we'll explore these skills in detail, examining how they develop in the family context and how they can be successfully applied in the workplace to enhance the personal and professional growth of women who have been mothers.

Let's continue!


It is the positive and hopeful attitude that allows seeing the bright side of situations and maintaining confidence in the future. During parenthood, optimism helps mothers maintain a positive outlook even in difficult times. In the workplace, this optimistic attitude is essential for maintaining motivation, inspiring others, and overcoming obstacles with resilience.


It is the ability to stay calm and composed in difficult or frustrating situations. Parenthood requires a great deal of patience when dealing with the constant demands and needs of children, which helps develop this skill. In the workplace, patience is key to resolving conflicts, working as a team, and maintaining productivity in stressful situations.

Creative Thinking:

It is the ability to generate original ideas and innovative solutions to solve problems. Parenthood also requires creativity to address the unique needs and challenges of each child. In the workplace, creative thinking is valuable for driving innovation, finding new opportunities, and improving existing processes.

Critical Thinking:

It is the ability to objectively and reflectively analyze information to make informed decisions. During parenthood, mothers must constantly evaluate the different options and consequences of their actions to make decisions that benefit their children and themselves. In the workplace, critical thinking is crucial for solving complex problems, assessing risks, and making strategic decisions with confidence.


It is the ability to adapt and recover from difficulties, learning and growing from adverse experiences. Parenthood presents numerous moments of stress and change, fostering resilience in mothers as they face unforeseen situations and emerge stronger from them. In the workplace, this skill is essential for confronting changes, managing uncertainty, and maintaining optimal performance under pressure.

Motherhood and child-rearing are not only transformative experiences at a personal and emotional level, but they are also an opportunity for the development of skills that are highly demanded in today's job market.

By recognizing and valuing these skills, we are not only valuing and recognizing the fundamental role of parenting in society, but also opening doors to a more inclusive and enriching future for all women in the workforce.

👉 Which of all the skills we've discussed do you identify with the most?



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